What is a PMHNP?

A PMHNP is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who is an Advanced Practice Registered nurse with specific and advanced training in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders and those illnesses related to mental health.  

What is the difference between this and therapy? 

We at CWP provide evaluation, medication management in combination with a therapeutic rapport and development of therapy goals.  The goal is to utilize this as one of the many tools to help manage mental health disorder. 

Do you take my insurance? 

  • Our Practice is currently credentialed with Aetna, Cigna, United Health, Medical Mutual, Anthem, Humana and Medicare. With each new provider their in-network status can vary as they await credentialing.  
  • We ask that each patient reach out to their insurance provider to determine what their benefits are and ensure that any provider is covered under their plan.
  • If we do not currently accept your insurance, you may ask for a super bill and turn in to your insurance for out of network benefits and have it applied to your deductible.  
  • Also Accepting Cash Pay patients – Self pay rates for an initial visit currently is $250 and Follow-up $150 – payment plans available if needed.
  • Cigna – Angela Strotman, Jessa Niemeyer, Ashley Altman in-network
  • United Health – Angela Strotman, Ashley Gould, Jessa Niemeyer, Rachel Keiser, Jamie Corwin, Jessica Rogers and Ashley Altman in-network
  • Medical Mutual – Angela Strotman, Ashley Altman, Ashley Gould and Jessa Niemeyer currently in-Network
  • Anthem – Angela Strotman, Ashley Altman, Ashley Gould, Jamie Corwin, Jessa Niemeyer, Rachel Keiser in-network providers.
  • Humana – Angela Strotman, Ashley Altman, Ashley Gould, Jessa Niemeyer are in-network providers.
  • Aetna – Angela Strotman, Rachel Keiser, Jessa Niemeyer,
  • Humana Tricare – currently pending and awaiting credentialing
  • Medicare – Angela Strotman, Ashley Altman, Jessa Niemeyer and Rachel Keiser

Will you work with my Therapist?

We greatly value the skill and benefits a therapist can provide.  We find great value in the thoughts and evaluation of your therapist and can work in collaboration with you and your therapist to develop the best treatment plan for you or your child.   We find that when working together it helps both the therapist and the provider to help improve your overall care.  

What is different about this practice?

The premise behind this practice is in collaboration.  Our goal is to develop relationships and be able to work closely with other providers, physicians and therapists to help better achieve best results in the care of your mental and physical health.  We find that by using a team approach we are more likely to be able to close the gaps and improve overall quality of life.  

What ages do you treat? 

We are able to treat all ages across the lifespan. 

Are you able to prescribe medications?

As board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and licensed Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, psychotropic medications used for the purpose of treating mental health illness are able to be prescribed by this practice.  Medications including Opioid pain medications, antibiotics or medications to treat chronic illness are not able and can not be prescribed.

Why are there so many questions asked in the intake?

Our intake paperwork is quite lengthy, and may need to be completed in more than one session. We advise most patient’s to complete at their leisure as to not become overwhelmed. The information you are able to provide us will better help us ensure that we are able to provide the very best care and fully understand you, your health and the environment in which impacts you.

What do I need to know before my evaluation 

  • If you have previously been seen, or have had any previous evaluations you can include the information with your intake paperwork.
  • Lab work – if you have had any recent lab work, obtaining a copy of this or providing a copy to your provider will help them to be able to better determine any potential medication restrictions or best options for you.
  • A list of previous medications and how you responded to them
  • Any previous testing or examinations which you have previously had in regards to mental, behavioral, developmental or neurological conditions. 
  • The information provided prior to your appointment will greatly help determine if it is safe to prescribe or continue any medications at the time of your initial evaluation.

What is the time commitment?

  • Initial evaluation’s are generally approximately 60 minutes, though extensive history or comorbidities may require additional time, or need to be scheduled in two appointment sessions.
  • The initial evaluation is the provider’s optimal time to best get to understand you and your overall physical and mental health.
  • Follow up appointments are generally 20-30 minutes in length, though at times when additional therapy time is needed longer time may be needed. This is scheduled on a case by case basis.
  • The frequency of follow ups is determined by overall medical need based on review of medication and the management of medication.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a safe and HIPAA compliant method for seeing your provider from the privacy of your home, work or wherever you may be. Utilizing both video and audio connection you will see and meet your provider in the comfort of your own home. Telehealth allows patient’s to have greater access and less restrictions with no need for travel time, or extended time away from work or school.

Is telehealth really the same as seeing a provider in person?

  • Short answer: No, it is never the same as meeting someone in person.
  • However we find that the ability to access services without added travel or time limitations is a great benefit to our patients. Some patient’s feel more comfortable meeting a provider via telehealth as they are able to do so from the comfort of their own home.
  • We also utilize remote patient monitoring to help ensure we are able to still monitor and screen for any potential complications either that may alter our treatment plan, or inhibit the use of a certain class of medications.
  • Each provider is available for telehealth, and we also have in office options as well.

Have more questions not answered here? Please utilize our contact information and reach out, we would be happy to clarify and answer any further questions you may have.